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Redemption (Trypoul Sessions)

We're very excited to share the third song of the Trypoul Sessions with you: An acoustic/strings version of 'Redemption'. Creating this version was a very special experience, and we're very happy with the result. It feels like it's a brand new song compared to the original. We hope you like it!

You can listen to the original version of 'Redemption' here.


Violin: Maxje de Wit (Sweelinck Orchestra)

Cello: Dierick Aartsen (Sweelinck Orchestra)

Piano: Ralf Leenders

Composition and vocals: Teun van Erp

Audio engineer: Dirk Joosten (owner of Trypoul Studios) & Laurens van Oers (Studio Obsidian)

Footage: Jessie van Erp

Audio & video post-production: Teun van Erp

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