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Axley is the name that is used to label all the music that Teun van Erp has been involved in since 2017. Although the main plans and ambitions for Axley revolve around a fully formed pop/rock-band, so far it has been a small, yet broad project. Axley has gradually been showing in which different corners of musical territories it could fit, from EDM productions to acoustic string versions of the songs.

Ferd van Stekelenburg (drums) and Jasper van Eck (guitar/keys/backing vocals) joined Teun in 2017 to bring the songs to life on stage. Ferd's powerful approach to drums and Jasper's rhythmic, graceful guitar parts help create lively, dynamic live performances of the songs Teun has written. 

Axley has released 3 self-produced songs so far: 'Well', 'The King' and 'Redemption', of which the latter sparked the interest of Teun's hometown-based producer colleagues NEVERGLOW and Darlingh, leading to the collaborative songs 'Vivid', 'Pay The Bill' and a remix of 'Well'. Next to these productions, Axley released 5 acoustic live songs as part of the 'Trypoul Sessions EP', showing both a softer side of Axley's musical palette as well as their live playing capabilities.

Teun is currently finishing his bachelor's degree in arts & communication, after which his full focus will be on releasing and performing more music with Axley.

November 11th, 2020


1. Teun van Erp


2. Axley performing live

2018 Axley Bandfoto 7 zw.jpg

3. Jasper, Teun & Ferd (Axley's band members)


4. Teun with NEVERGLOW


5. Teun with Darlingh

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